Fingerhut Credit Account: Oldie Still A Goodie

Before WalMart, there was Fingerhut. Before the internet, there was Fingerhut. Before Amazon, there was Fingerhut. Before there was even a post office, there was Fingerhut! Okay, now I’ve gone too far. My point is, the Fingerhut Credit Account has been around for a long, long, time. The “big boys” make a lot more noise these days, but Fingerhut, like ol’ man river, just keeps rolling along.

Humble Beginnings

Fingerhut was founded in 1948 by a couple of brothers whose name was – Fingerhut. I always thought it was more to it than that. Anyway, the company started out selling automobile seat covers. In 1952, the brothers decided to go into the mail order catalog business and expanded their product line to include towels, dishes and tools. It wasn’t long before they were selling everything – including the kitchen sink. I’m serious! You can buy a kitchen sink at Fingerhut.

Fingerhut broke out of the gate leading the pack among catalog retailers. At one point it was the largest mail-order marketer in the country. It has had a couple of serious bumps in the road, including the recession of 1974 when rising costs and declining incomes threatened the company’s future.

The company came out of the recession in pretty good shape and climbed back to the top of the heap. However, in 2002 it had another major scare. The Minnesota-based company was scheduled to close its doors, and nearly 5000 people would be out of a job if it could not find a buyer, and it didn’t look good.

Well, against all odds they did find a buyer and not only did Fingerhut survive, it thrived. I won’t bore you with the financial details, but today they have over 6000 employees and their revenue is over a half a billion dollars a year.


Extensive Product Line

In addition to the aforementioned kitchen sink, Fingerhut offers more than 450,000 products from well-known brands in its catalog and on its website. You name it, they’ve got it:

  • Furniture
  • Clothing
  • Shoes
  • Fitness Equipment
  • Tools
  • Electronics
  • Crafts
  • Jewelry

When I say well-known brands, I mean just that. Fingerhut has anything you will find anywhere else, from Samsung TV’s to Gloria Vanderbilt jeans. They are committed to helping people afford quality merchandise that they want and need, and you don’t have to have a stellar credit history to get it. In fact, your credit history can be pretty bad.


You Want It, You Got It

What makes Fingerhut unique is that it will give anybody credit. Their qualifying credit score is 300. The lowest score you can possibly have is 280. You pay for the credit, but if you’re hovering around the not-quite-good enough range everywhere else (for whatever reason), it’s a good way to get that Samsung 65″ curved UHD 4K TV and up that credit score.

With the price mark-up and the credit charge, that TV I so shamelessly plugged will definitely cost you more than the $750 it would cost you at Walmart. A couple of hundred dollars more, in fact. And then there’s the finance charge… But if coming up with $750 cash is out of the question, and your credit is not that great, Fingerhut is a viable alternative. They report to all three credit bureaus and have a program designed specifically to help you improve your credit score.

Get Stuff, Build Credit

The WebBank/Fingerhut Fresh Start program will give you an instant line of credit. It really doesn’t matter what your credit score is. Like I said, it can be as low as 300. However, the amount of your line of credit is based on your credit score. So if your score is pretty low, it won’t be much. But it will be something. Here’s how it works:

The first step is to apply for a Fingerhut Credit Account. They will give you an immediate line of credit. For demonstration purposes, let’s say your credit’s shot, but they give you a $200 credit limit anyway.

Your next step is to place an order of $50 or more – up to your $200 credit limit, and make a one-time $30 down payment. If you want to purchase something that cost more than your $200 credit limit, you have to pay the difference. For example, if you wanted a TV that cost $249.95, you would have to pay $49.95 plus the $30 down payment. The balance will be divided into very reasonable monthly payments.

The balance is usually divided up into six monthly payments. If you make the monthly payments on time, or pay the initial charge off early, you may graduate to a revolving WebBank/Fingerhut Advantage Credit Account. They say you may, but trust me, you will.

You only have to make a down payment on your initial order. When you graduate to the revolving account, you can order as many times as you like up to your credit limit, which will increase as you build a payment history.

Never Too Late For Fresh Start

For many of us, once stellar credit reports have been shot due to medical bills and helping out family members, among other things. Cash is pretty tight, so we end up doing without a lot of creature comforts: a decent TV in the bedroom; that George Foreman grill you know will help you eat healthy; that Tiffany lamp, that recliner that you’ve envisioned in that corner for a long time.

So, let’s spruce up the house and beef up the credit score while doing it. Sign up for your Fingerhut Credit Account and start personalizing your home with the things you just didn’t think you could afford right now.

C.al Jones


  1. I single handedly kept Fingerhut afloat for about 40 years! When it looked like the stocks and employee pay checks were about to dip to their lowest, I ordered more things than Santa Clause could carry! That’s right ladies and gentlemen, I SAVED FINGERHUT!! AND – a lot of it still works! That’s right!

    • Well, thank you, Ms. Huddleston! I had heard rumors about a lady who saved Fingerhut. Is it true that you also got your husband from Fingerhut? I’m sure your efforts saved a lot of post office jobs as well. Santa was probably not too happy, though. But I just have to ask: What have you done for them lately?

  2. Well – I ran out of space in my home. So it was either join “Fingerhut Anonymous” or move.

    • I understand. They have so many great products at such reasonable monthly rates that it’s easy to get hooked. I will negotiate with the company and maybe we can make you the Patron Saint of Fingerhut.

  3. Really well written, Mr. Jones. Fingerhut really is a throwback that has its value and place today.

  4. Wow! Such a good article on Fingerhut. I actually got my credit started with Fingerhut years ago. I was a single mom with absolutely no money. They gave me a small credit line which I paid on time. I kept it up and they kept increasing my credit limit. Today, I have very good credit. I still order from Fingerhut from time to time because their products have expanded so much. Now, they have everything!!! TRY THEM.

    • They really do have everything. And it’s all brand name stuff. Thank you Ms. Harris, and thank you for being a faithful follower.

  5. C.Al, Kudos to you for brining up a great value proposition and sharing about the credit rebuilding. These are hard to find for some folks. Great article and brought back lots of memories as I too used to buy from Fingerhut.

    • Thanks, Michele.
      My former wife was a Fingerhut junkie. (I say “former” instead of “ex” because we’re still great friends.) I just bought a really nice set of towels from them.

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